Professional Resume Writing

Professional Resume – $49.99

In light of the competitive job market today, it is imperative that every job applicant has a resume that properly highlights their value to prospective employers. For $49.99, one of we will create a resume that appropriately emphasizes your work experience, skills, abilities and achievements. If you are serious about getting a job and focusing on your career development, then this is a service you can’t afford to turn down.


The cover letter is still very relevant today. It could make the difference if you are called for an interview or not.

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Cover Letter – $29.99

For $29.99, we will prepare a detailed and highly focused cover letter tailored directly to your job search goals. The cover letter will be drafted in such a way that you should be able to use it each time you submit your resume to a prospective employer. Since the resume’s cover letter greatly impacts how you are perceived by employers, it is important that you have a quality cover letter to submit with your resume when applying for jobs.

Items and Pricing

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